Alpaca a pillow, I’ve heard it’s good for naps

Sometimes I get to the point where all I want is a hug….. and for everything to stop for about a month. I’m at one of those points currently. Unfortunately even though last week I could see my decisions going the same way they always do, it looks pretty set on going the same way […]

Word on the street is Llama’s are purposefully using facades

It’s been one of those weeks. “Friends” have been causing a large amount of trouble at the academy. So consequently I’ve been trying to deal with a little bit of it and make sure my friends Sir Penguin and Pingu are okay. It wasn’t all bad, I went to an awesome party on the weekend […]

One Llama, Two Llama, Red Llama, Blue Llama

This past week has been absolutely hectic. I know I’ve said that a fair bit but, really, this time it’s true. To celebrate Mother Llama’s upcoming birthday we had all of my immediate family come visit our barn, most travelling from different farms in the area, a long trip for any Llama. Some of the […]

Long time, No Llama

I know it’s been a little while since I last posted. But it has been an eventful few weeks. 1. I finished my 2 week block of Llama and Fashion studies 2. I succesfully made it safely home from my cross-paddock adventure 3. I got a job. You are looking at your new locally based […]