Alpaca my bags, Just wait up

I am officially less than three weeks away from being a HSC student, a senior and someone who gets to pretend they know everything.

By Thursday this week I will have finished all of my Preliminary exams and so get to take a week or two off before I go back to school.

It been an interesting experience, having four terms worth of work shoved into three. Interesting, intense and definitely keeping me up on my hooves (rather how I imagine ballerinas would be like)


One question that comes up constantly is ‘What are you going to do after high school?’

Sometimes it comes up in conversation, sometimes actual interest, and soon I’m going to have an interview to discuss it with my teachers at the beginning of next term.

This is an idea that scares me and yet I feel like I know what I want to do. Never the less there is always the chance that something will go horribly wrong.


I am in a better place than I have been for a while, partly because of my job, partly because of school balancing out and mostly because of this blog.

And sure, life after school is daunting, but I’m going to get through it one day at a time and fly off into the sunset in glorious technicolour.


And with that I bid adieu for a week or two.


Planes, Trains and Llama-mobiles

Early this week it was announced my dear brother got engaged.

I am extremely happy to have another female in the stable and hope that one day there will be equal amounts of women and men.

Llama equality for all πŸ˜€

I can not promise that their wedding photos will not look like this:


I shall attempt llama bomb all photos. I kid…. or do I? πŸ˜‰

It’s been a busy few weeks. And its going to be even busier in the next few.

Final exams until I move on to my last year at the Llama Academy.

I think I’m dreading the extra responsibility but I’m looking forward to all the travel I will be able to do afterwards.

I plan to become a regular jet setter and go off in search of adventure.

Speaking of planes. Mother Llama jetted off towards adventure and wont come back for two and a bit months.


Just some fellow Llama’s boarding the plane to adventure.

The trip to adventure varies in length according to each llama but each comes back, or not; eventually.

We shall miss her :/

But life goes on

In a few months I become a Senior Llama. No not a SeΓ±or Llama.


Not this SeΓ±or


This kind of Senior

But a SENIOR Llama In which case I am expected to know what I am doing.

And all I can think currently is how freaked out I am that I am supposed to be a responsible adult




And then there were two…

Lay back and just Llama-lax

This weekend two of my family are having birthdays. Father Llama and a Brother.

To both of them all I can say is Happy Birthday and thanks for the cake.


Even though i didn’t make it to one of them I will be eating the extra cake in spirit πŸ˜‰

In other news I succeeded in completing most of my Historical Inquest on influential Llamas the night before the night it was due and had a reasonable night the night before the due date. So I was pretty pleased with my relatively shoddy organizing skills, but it can only get better πŸ˜€ Maybe next time I’ll even do a draft.


Behold my Happiness

In other other news I also had an exam on the History of Paddocks today, I don’t think I went very well, we were analyzing Willama Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet. I’m glad to state that I’m happy I’m not human. If that is the kind of thing you people go through every time you fall in love, I really don’t see how you have survived this long.

In extremely unrelated news, my stable seems to have reverted back to its messy self, but I’m too lazy to clean it up.

url3 Whoops…

I’m going to go enjoy this weekend of cake and celebrations

Have an excellent weekend πŸ™‚

I shall leave you with this thought


One Llama, Two Llama, Red Llama, Blue Llama

This past week has been absolutely hectic. I know I’ve said that a fair bit but, really, this time it’s true.

To celebrate Mother Llama’s upcoming birthday we had all of my immediate family come visit our barn, most travelling from different farms in the area, a long trip for any Llama.


Some of the family


Even more of the family during one of our more raucous moments

A fun family event, with many games of cards and board games. It was (as always) sad to see them all leave.

On top of that I had almost no sleep last night finishing assignments for Visual Arts.

We were doing studies of paintings by famous masters like Vincent Van Llama ( who cut off his own ear and posted it to his Lady Llama) and one of our own still life.

Calico Llama Painting by Marion Rose; Calico Llama Art Print for sale

Vincent Van Llama – Self Portrait 1888

Consequently I was up very very late and proceeded to have a well deserved nap after coming back from Llama Academy today.

I’m worried one day I will overwork myself and fall asleep in my breakfast, akin to when I was little.


Some what like this poor soul

In other news. The Royal Baby. Congratulations to Prince William and Kate but I just want to say that llama babies are more adorable than human ones.


See? How could you resist that?


Perhaps I could make a gift of a leaf? Baby Llama’s most often find leaves to be the source of many wonderful adventures, also rather tasty

With this I’m off to work on my Historical Inquest on influential Llamas.

In the spirit of the English,

Cheerio my good sirs, till a later date.


Long time, No Llama

I know it’s been a little while since I last posted.

But it has been an eventful few weeks.

1. I finished my 2 week block of Llama and Fashion studies

2. I succesfully made it safely home from my cross-paddock adventure

3. I got a job. You are looking at your new locally based check-out Llama


See? You can literally check me out. Borrow me for a day. Go ahead!

In other news. I go back to the academy this week. It will be good to see my penguin buddies again but I’d really love to have some time off.

I must go pack my llama bag in preperation for further Llama studies.


Behold my pouty face. I really have to learn to suck it up and just get on with it..

Until another evening my lovely llamas (or what ever other member of the wide wide world you happen to be)

A Penguin’s Midsummer Dream

So for the past few weeks I have been absorbed in my award winning performance as dramatic scenery in the Academys Production of ‘A Penguin’s Midsummer Dream’ written of course by the famous playwrite, Willama Shakespeare.


A Famous Portrait of Willama Shakespeare (1592)


I was so successful being a tree that someone found an image of me in my stage makeup and captioned it.

Oh the price of Fame!

Having finished that I then launched into a two week long break for school holidays; which, I can assure you, is being used wisely. I have been travelling cross-paddock to gain some higher learning in my field of choice, Llama’s and Fashion. A very interesting topic, however it is keeping me quite busy.

On top of everything, my llapptop decided to play up a little, so I dont have my source of family photos like I normally do.

Yesterday I actually managed to accomplish something, my stall is tidy for once. I have fresh hay, swept floors (I dont know how I held a broom for that long. I guess I’m just talented πŸ˜› ) and everything is in its place.Β It’s almost like it isn’t even my stall anymore.


A Freshly cleaned stall. There isn’t anything quite like it.

And with that I conclude my post for today. I miss the academy even though it is a lot of work, but I dont get to see my best buddies Sir Penguin or Pingu who I miss dearly.

Till later my Llama Buddies.


This is my new friend that I made at the Paddock across the way


Oh. I happened to notice a Llama Farm started following me. I just wanted to say hi to the llamas over there and that I hope we can meet one day πŸ™‚

Dramatic Llama

So I’m assuming you have all watched/ seen the dramatic chipmunk clip at least once right?

For those that haven’t here is a link so you know what I’m talking about.

Dramatic Chipmunk

Now I am not a Llama version of that Chipmunk but I am involved in the Dramatic Arts.

I tell you this because I am involved in a Musical…. as scenery and as costumed stage crew.

We open the show run next Wednesday so of course everyone is practising the required makeup and hairstyles needed for the production.

I have a fringe so I usually end up looking out of one eye with half of my face covered in fringe.


But for the required show run my fringe has to be off my face. It is too long to nicely put back with bobby pins and there are too many lengths so enter my first experience with gel.

The past two days I have been slicking my hair back and every night when I brush it out my hair looks like this:


I have come to the conclusion that I severely dislike gel.. or at least odd length hair that is too short to tie up and yet too long to leave out.

While I suffer for another two weeks looking like a Scare-Llama enjoy this extremely uncomfortable closeup.581241003_48d7b1b361_z

Just a little too close for comfort…. Haven’t they heard of personal space?

P.S Just as a warning my posts may not be as frequent during this period due to the exhaustion of being a tree πŸ˜›