Alpaca a pillow, I’ve heard it’s good for naps

Sometimes I get to the point where all I want is a hug….. and for everything to stop for about a month. I’m at one of those points currently. Unfortunately even though last week I could see my decisions going the same way they always do, it looks pretty set on going the same way […]

Word on the street is Llama’s are purposefully using facades

It’s been one of those weeks. “Friends” have been causing a large amount of trouble at the academy. So consequently I’ve been trying to deal with a little bit of it and make sure my friends Sir Penguin and Pingu are okay. It wasn’t all bad, I went to an awesome party on the weekend […]

Get thee to the Academy

I think it only fitting that I made my last post at the beginning of the two week break and now, at the end I post my newest post. As one of my  admired writers once wrote ” I open at the close” So. Here I am starting a new year, continuing my blog, and […]