A long long time ago

A long long time ago in a green pasture far away this little llama had a blog, and disappointingly it seems she has not touched it in almost 6 months.

Apologies for the long absence but Llama Academy, Llama dramas and Llama Life happened and kind of froze me up for a while.

Nothing much has happened apart from me being inundated with assignments and major works in my final year as a señor …. sorry, I meant senior.

I have:

  • Completely finished my Lama and Fashion Studies at the start of the year, was happy with the result but immediately wanted to move on to the next thing.
  • Worked out what my self directed assessments would be this year, and have proceeded to do the smallest amounts of work possible… because hey I’ve still got 6 weeks O_o
  • Turned a 18 and had a large party, and have since done nothing to feel like a legal adult…


A snapshot from my raucous 18th..Isn’t it fun?

  • Continued working as a local check-out llama, with all the ups and downs required when working in llama to llama relations.
  • Continued to attend Llama Academy despite endless feelings of wanting to leave
  • Continued with a full workload despite the stress I put myself under with my procrastination spiral

Despite all this its been a decent year, I’ve managed to not feel like crap for most of it, really only feeling the stress at times.

And so, for another time I will make another post.

For now meet my newest friend


The darlingest Pony I’ve ever met, she is on exchange to our Academy, here for only a few more months. When she goes it will be one of the most painful things I’ve experienced in quite a while.

With that, toodooloo my friends.

It’s been good to post again and I’m sure I will do this again soon

And always I acknowledge the penguins and ponies of the world, I do not discriminate.



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