Oh Look…. I can see Christmas…. HIDE!!!!!!!

I’ve spent at lot of this weekend doing pretty much nothing. It’s only just hit me how much I need to get finished before the end of the term and I’m not looking forward to it.

While attempting to be more organized, I don’t feel like it is working yet and have found that the more some tells me to do something the less likely I am to do it, but even if they go in the opposite direction and leave me on my own I keep myself from doing it anyways.

I’m stuck in a vicious sort of cycle, but I can’t even be happy its the holidays coming because I’m going to end up having a total of 4 days actual holiday (providing I don’t work) in between Christmas and the beginning of the Academy, which doesn’t seem to me to be any sort of Christmas holidays at all.

If someone could find a way to drag me away from myself, give me a break from myself and at the same time provide someone to do all my work that would be awesome.

Just one time I wish I could do what I actually set out to do instead of letting it bowl me over till I have no choice in the matter.

I have no pictures this week, I am exhausted and would like to become a bear and hibernate for 6 months.

‘Till later….(Hopefully I will be able to get in the Christmas Spirit… Oh God…. Why is it so soon?)


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