This past week I was involved with the final (presumably) school play I will ever do as a señor… sorry, I meant senior at the Llama Academy. I was involved in it with a few friends, Sir Penguin included.

It proved to be a tad nostalgic, performing Our Town, a story about two people as they grow up, fall in love, get married and then the female dies a tragically early death.


A still from the wedding scene. Doesn’t Emily look absolutely fabulous?


A still of Sir Penguin (yes she is a female, just goes by sir) and friend behind the scenes of the show

The play closes with the idea that “Live people don’t understand, do they?” – referring to when people are alive they don’t realize what they have.

Sometimes I feel a bit like that in regards to happiness, Happy people, energetic people don’t realize how awesome it is to feel like that. As someone who doesn’t really live in either of those realms of being at the current time I admire anyone who has those abilities.

I had an interesting sort of week this week, on one hand it was pretty terrible; assessments, late night performances (performances weren’t the bad part, the late bedtimes were) and general tiredness, but on the other it wasn’t too bad, 1 assessment down 4 more to go before the end of term, I had a really good conversation with Mother Llama yesterday and have decided to go back to counselling, hopefully I’ll stick to it this time.

Since I’m trying to turn over yet another new leaf I’m off to go do some work, I know it’s rather shocking.

Hopefully your week went better than mine.

I shall see you all on another day.


2 thoughts on “Llamaville

  1. My week was not good at all. I’m working at a big project at work and this week has been horrendously busy. I have been laving late bedtimes too and I am all generally very tired so I feel you. I’m glad someone understands me. 🙂

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