Alpaca a pillow, I’ve heard it’s good for naps

Sometimes I get to the point where all I want is a hug….. and for everything to stop for about a month.

I’m at one of those points currently.


Unfortunately even though last week I could see my decisions going the same way they always do, it looks pretty set on going the same way it always does.

Which is not something I’m proud of.

At all.

In the slightest.

But I can’t be bothered doing anything about it.




I’m sorry my blog hasn’t been particularly exciting or droll in the past few months.

I try, I do (sort of) but I can’t seem to be able to hang on to the good experiences for too long, they tend to get overpowered by frustration or ever mounting stress.

Llamas’ are too hard to be around.

I think I might just bury under some blankets till the world slows down enough for me to understand what is actually going on.

Quilcene llama walking while covered with snow

Oh and for anyone wondering about Lulu, she is alive and well, and has taken up a very comfy residence in my stable 🙂

However she is quite unhappy with the unseasonably cold weather we have been having. It is supposed to be getting warmer not freezing over.



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