Best Intentions + Procrastination = Road to Llama Hell

In the past week I’ve been able to reflect on my current pattern of dealing with things.

1. I purposefully ignore the things I have to do

2. I realize how little time I have left to do said things

3. Commence the freakout

4. After flipping out for an afternoon or so I then continue on my merry way

5. And finally at the last minute hand in a shoddy effort and then proceed to tell myself that I won’t ever do this again.

6. Repeat

I realize it’s a horrible way of doing things. I constantly tell myself I’m going to change this time, and yet… when the decision comes I make the same ones I always do.

This tends to make me rather disappointed in myself. I know how easy everything would be if I actually I do it in the time I am given, and yet I can’t seem to ignore my procrastination impulses.

As they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I can vouch for it.


In other less depressing news Mother Llama has returned from her two and a half month long sabbatical to study the intricacies of weaving blankets without the use of opposable thumbs.

It is very exciting to have her back and she brought me back a new friend to carry in my saddle bags with me.


Her name is Lulu. She and I are going to be best friends.

Since I’m off for another round of disappointment in myself, I’ll leave off till next time.

All going well I’ll be in a better mood.



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