Word on the street is Llama’s are purposefully using facades

It’s been one of those weeks.

“Friends” have been causing a large amount of trouble at the academy.

So consequently I’ve been trying to deal with a little bit of it and make sure my friends Sir Penguin and Pingu are okay.

It wasn’t all bad, I went to an awesome party on the weekend (a very rare occurrence for me I know) and got to dress up.

Grocho Chicken 2

Here I am in my lovely costume. Aren’t I fabulous? My friends barely recognized me. A triumph indeed.

And since I know all of you are dying to see what my friends dressed up as:


Behold Pingu, dressed as a dog dressed as a penguin. Genius hey?

(It’s almost like Penguin-ception…)


I know its a bit early for Christmas but Sir Penguin was just so eager we couldn’t say no. Besides, she looks absolutely adorable 😀

So that proved to be a lot of fun.

Provided I’m one of those semi-introverted llama’s it took a little bit out of me, but it was well worth it.

I’ve found that now I’m a senior at the Llama Academy people keep telling me that this is the best year of my life, and all I can think is if this is the best I’m going to get.. what’s the rest of it going to be like?

This is a question that bothers me. Not to mention the fact that everyone is like quick — lets make our life decisions RIGHT NOW!

It just gets really intense.

It’s been an interesting week to say the least I suppose.

Just one more year.

That is all I have to handle.

One more…. then I can jet off on adventures…. or get started on what I actually want to do.


Till next time, Folks.


One thought on “Word on the street is Llama’s are purposefully using facades

  1. If a llama wears a facade is it a still a llama or rather just a clever penguin? Leave you to ponder the meaning of that…. 😀

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