Planes, Trains and Llama-mobiles

Early this week it was announced my dear brother got engaged.

I am extremely happy to have another female in the stable and hope that one day there will be equal amounts of women and men.

Llama equality for all 😀

I can not promise that their wedding photos will not look like this:


I shall attempt llama bomb all photos. I kid…. or do I? 😉

It’s been a busy few weeks. And its going to be even busier in the next few.

Final exams until I move on to my last year at the Llama Academy.

I think I’m dreading the extra responsibility but I’m looking forward to all the travel I will be able to do afterwards.

I plan to become a regular jet setter and go off in search of adventure.

Speaking of planes. Mother Llama jetted off towards adventure and wont come back for two and a bit months.


Just some fellow Llama’s boarding the plane to adventure.

The trip to adventure varies in length according to each llama but each comes back, or not; eventually.

We shall miss her :/

But life goes on

In a few months I become a Senior Llama. No not a Señor Llama.


Not this Señor


This kind of Senior

But a SENIOR Llama In which case I am expected to know what I am doing.

And all I can think currently is how freaked out I am that I am supposed to be a responsible adult




And then there were two…


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