One Llama, Two Llama, Red Llama, Blue Llama

This past week has been absolutely hectic. I know I’ve said that a fair bit but, really, this time it’s true.

To celebrate Mother Llama’s upcoming birthday we had all of my immediate family come visit our barn, most travelling from different farms in the area, a long trip for any Llama.


Some of the family


Even more of the family during one of our more raucous moments

A fun family event, with many games of cards and board games. It was (as always) sad to see them all leave.

On top of that I had almost no sleep last night finishing assignments for Visual Arts.

We were doing studies of paintings by famous masters like Vincent Van Llama ( who cut off his own ear and posted it to his Lady Llama) and one of our own still life.

Calico Llama Painting by Marion Rose; Calico Llama Art Print for sale

Vincent Van Llama – Self Portrait 1888

Consequently I was up very very late and proceeded to have a well deserved nap after coming back from Llama Academy today.

I’m worried one day I will overwork myself and fall asleep in my breakfast, akin to when I was little.


Some what like this poor soul

In other news. The Royal Baby. Congratulations to Prince William and Kate but I just want to say that llama babies are more adorable than human ones.


See? How could you resist that?


Perhaps I could make a gift of a leaf? Baby Llama’s most often find leaves to be the source of many wonderful adventures, also rather tasty

With this I’m off to work on my Historical Inquest on influential Llamas.

In the spirit of the English,

Cheerio my good sirs, till a later date.



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