A Penguin’s Midsummer Dream

So for the past few weeks I have been absorbed in my award winning performance as dramatic scenery in the Academys Production of ‘A Penguin’s Midsummer Dream’ written of course by the famous playwrite, Willama Shakespeare.


A Famous Portrait of Willama Shakespeare (1592)


I was so successful being a tree that someone found an image of me in my stage makeup and captioned it.

Oh the price of Fame!

Having finished that I then launched into a two week long break for school holidays; which, I can assure you, is being used wisely. I have been travelling cross-paddock to gain some higher learning in my field of choice, Llama’s and Fashion. A very interesting topic, however it is keeping me quite busy.

On top of everything, my llapptop decided to play up a little, so I dont have my source of family photos like I normally do.

Yesterday I actually managed to accomplish something, my stall is tidy for once. I have fresh hay, swept floors (I dont know how I held a broom for that long. I guess I’m just talented 😛 ) and everything is in its place. It’s almost like it isn’t even my stall anymore.


A Freshly cleaned stall. There isn’t anything quite like it.

And with that I conclude my post for today. I miss the academy even though it is a lot of work, but I dont get to see my best buddies Sir Penguin or Pingu who I miss dearly.

Till later my Llama Buddies.


This is my new friend that I made at the Paddock across the way


Oh. I happened to notice a Llama Farm started following me. I just wanted to say hi to the llamas over there and that I hope we can meet one day 🙂


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