Dramatic Llama

So I’m assuming you have all watched/ seen the dramatic chipmunk clip at least once right?

For those that haven’t here is a link so you know what I’m talking about.

Dramatic Chipmunk

Now I am not a Llama version of that Chipmunk but I am involved in the Dramatic Arts.

I tell you this because I am involved in a Musical…. as scenery and as costumed stage crew.

We open the show run next Wednesday so of course everyone is practising the required makeup and hairstyles needed for the production.

I have a fringe so I usually end up looking out of one eye with half of my face covered in fringe.


But for the required show run my fringe has to be off my face. It is too long to nicely put back with bobby pins and there are too many lengths so enter my first experience with gel.

The past two days I have been slicking my hair back and every night when I brush it out my hair looks like this:


I have come to the conclusion that I severely dislike gel.. or at least odd length hair that is too short to tie up and yet too long to leave out.

While I suffer for another two weeks looking like a Scare-Llama enjoy this extremely uncomfortable closeup.581241003_48d7b1b361_z

Just a little too close for comfort…. Haven’t they heard of personal space?

P.S Just as a warning my posts may not be as frequent during this period due to the exhaustion of being a tree 😛


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