Social Ettiquette for the Common Llama

So I was sitting in Llama Speech class today and I got the rumblies…. as in the ones that only food can satisfy.

Unfortunately; there were presentations going on ( A continuation of the lesson when I presented mine) and I had to eat other wise my tummy would have disrupted the entire lesson. So very quietly I tried to eat my food and every bite I took felt like it was as loud as a gunshot.

Me during this Situation:

Llama farm - brown alpaca_jpg

<_< … >_>      *Crunch* 


How I imagined my class:


Oh My Goodness. Is Little Llama eating? Wow. Couldn’t she wait like 10 minutes till the bell?


Wow. She must be starving. My Goodness she is so rude.

All I wanted to do was eat my serving of grass, but no. JUDGING!!! EVERYWHERE!!!!

In other trivial news; it was absolutely freezing today so I  wore a scarf to school.


Aren’t I fashionable?

Have a lovely evening folks, I’m off to be fabulous


One thought on “Social Ettiquette for the Common Llama

  1. Orange is so your colour, and just out of interest where do you find these photos! Like seriously I didn’t even know there was such a market for photos of llamas in various poses and with scarves

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