The Great Llama

So I went and saw The Great Gastby today. Felt a little fancy watching it.

I did read the book before I saw the movie. I am not completely uncultured even if I am from a paddock.

I came to the opinion that I prefer the movie to the book, as shocking as that might be, the book didn’t make me feel as much as the movie did. This was a quite unusual situation to experience as usually it is the book against all others but not this time around.


A Portrait of my Great-Grandfather Llama dressed a little bit fancy circa. 1920s Stock Market Boom

I am exceptionally glad I have a long weekend.

No pointless Llama Academy on Monday. HOORAY!!!!!!!

Mother Llama returns home tonight, her time in Denmark is over and after meeting the Crown Prince I can only hope she did indeed wear her best hat.

Something a little classier than these two unfortunate fellows.



Although I do admire this Llamas inventive use of sunglasses. Who would have thought of wearing them over you eyes like that? Certainly not this little Llama

For now I am off to accompany Father Llama to the Airport. Please don’t be surprised if you see something like this as it is just Father and I driving to pick up Mother.

Llama in a Car

Until Another time you lovely members of the Animal Kingdom


One thought on “The Great Llama

  1. Visiting the fresh prince of dnmark aye?
    And I don’t know I quite like the cheese hat, it’s got a certain dairy feel to it

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