So in the wonderful world that is Llama Academy, we were assigned a speech on the history of our local paddock. Almost nothing happens here that I could write a speech on, much less an 5 minute one. So currently I’m sitting in my barn at a hay trough trying to pull an idea out of a hat; which would be much easier if I had opposable thumbs.

In other news, all my friends are getting sick with the flu. My best friend was sneezing all day and before you ask, my best friend is a penguin.Every few seconds it was ACHOO!! from her corner of the room. I would have offered her some tissues but I didn’t have any room in my Llama Pack what with all my woven blankets.


(My Best Friend receiving a knighthood for Llama-Penguin Relations)

We are a multicultural Academy, what can I say apart from that?

Either way, this speech has got me exhausted. Perhaps I shall take a little llama-nap shall I?


Till Later, you Lovely Llamas (And Penguins. I don’t Discriminate)


4 thoughts on “Procrasti-llama-nation

  1. I got a mention!!! well what can i say my llama/penguin relations are the best in the land, not to mention my walrus mediation abilities, but I’m not going to brag, I’m a humble penguin πŸ™‚

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