Llama School

Some days I want to slip away into my little llama world of endless paddocks.

No stress. No homework. No obligations what so ever.

Can I tell all the pointless llama ‘tests’ like catching fish or climbing a tree to go screw themselves? I’m a Llama. I will literally never need to use these skills unless I am a fisher or a world famous hiking Llama. I’m over the Llama Academy and their stupid Llama rules.


(Behold A world famous Hiker, Edmund Hillama)

Worrying about lost Llamas seems to be a habit for me. Llamas jumping over the fence and running into the great green beyond seems to be a common theme.  Llamas threatening to run away seem to come every other day.  Most of those Llamas are/were my friends and then I start to wonder if it was me? Was my Llama conformity forcing them into the big beyond.

Sometimes I wonder why my fellow Llamas are so unhappy and then I look at how I’m feeling… and then I understand.

Screw the world. I’m a little Llama that wants to get a degree in being a Walrus.


One thought on “Llama School

  1. I understand, this is coming from a walrus and it’s hard. And don’t think I wondered why it would be like to leave my tusks behind and become a llama but then you remember all your awesome walrus friends and well, you conform and do the terrible walrus tests (by the way edmud hilllama is my idol) and go to walrus school
    Always remember the paddock isn’t always greener on the other side, llama friend and sometimes penguins don’t have special levitation powers

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